The Best Four Ways to Hang Foamboard Prints

Foam Core, foam board, or paper-faced foam board is a material that is easily cut and lightweight, which makes it perfect for mounting photographic prints. Foamboard is similar to cardboard in that it is two sheets of paper with a layer of foam in the middle and is our best selling product – hence our name! However, sometimes it can be tricky deciding how to best hang this material to display those beautiful prints. Through plenty of research and testing, we have found the best 4 ways to hang foamboard prints.

1. Standoffs

brass stand off screwsThese standoff screws, more commonly known as signage fasteners, are used to create a display that is three-dimensional without the use of a frame. There are two styles of standoffs: a through-grip and an edge grip.

A through grip style will require holes to be drilled into your picture, whereas an edge grip can potentially leave dents on the edges of the art. A through style is very secure, as it is composed of a barrel, cap, and wall screw. Wall screws provide a great form of worry-free hanging but require some permanent damage to the wall in the form of drilling a hole. Both styles of standoffs will help to create a unique three-dimensional look, as the foam board will be hung away from the wall.


This is a style best suited for heavier or larger pieces and is typically seen in offices or lobbies featuring artwork. The effect that standoffs create is elegant, but they require damage to the wall itself, and potentially your foam board print.

2. 3m Putty

This is an adhesive putty solution that will work on most porous and non-porous surfaces alike. It is designed for removable mounting applications that are perfect for items such as artwork, papers, and photos printed on foam board. Testing verified that it is a reusable material that is tacky to the touch, but not greasy. 

One downside to this option is that for long-term use; it can stain the wall. This depends on the material of the wall, however, and the putty has shown to stick to some different surfaces. Surfaces that were tested included brick walls that were both painted and bare, plastic walls, traditional drywall, glass, cement, and metal hanging surfaces. Another downside to this material is that does seem to be affected by seasonal changes in temperature. Very cold temperatures required a little more effort to get it to stick.


To use it, you take a small amount and knead it in your hand to warm it up, and then solidly press it onto your wall. Theoretically, this means that the putty and hanging spaces are adjustable, but it could lose its sticking power with too many moves. Aside from potential staining, this is a damage-free hanging solution.

3. Double Sided Adhesive Strips

clear sided tape for craftsThis is a kind of clear tape that is coated with a photo-safe, permanent adhesive on both sides. This doesn’t mean that it is permanently affixed, but it is rather strong and difficult to remove if a foam board print needs to be moved.

Its strong stickiness means that your foam board probably won’t go anywhere, but it could also take the paint off the surface when removed. These strips are unique in that they are simple to use. Both sides of the strip are sticky, so when you remove the backing of them, you can either place them on the wall in and stick your foam board up, or stick them to your foam board and then to the wall.

4. Double Sided Velcro Tape

Remember being a kid and the convenience of Velcro on shoes? Velcro has brought that same kind of convenience for hanging foam board in the form of a cut to length tape that is sold in lengths of six feet to thirty feet. This makes it entirely customizable and perfect for foam board prints that are big or small. It offers a secure hold by attaching with a strong adhesive to the wall and the print, and it is ideal for the photographs that you want to display and be able to take off the wall if someone wanted to take a closer look.

While sticky enough to hold, the adhesive has not shown damage to walls or the prints when removed. The easiest way to mount your foam board is by cutting squares of about an inch in size and attaching one to each of the corners of the print.

Artwork and photos are a great way to spruce up bare walls, and foam board’s customizable options are perfect for a lightweight option for photos and prints. Finding the best way to secure the foam board to the wall without long-term damage to the print or the wall can be difficult. There’s a ton of options, but many require damage to the print or the wall and were not suited to as many of the applications as the customizable Velcro tape rolls.


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