Banner stands vs. X Banner Stands



  1. Xelin

    Woah. I didn't know X banner stands are quite expensive as discussed above. I thought retractable banners look more exquisite. The thing with X banners is that they're only good for one sided banners. With retractable banners, you can put up a two-sided print.

  2. Banner Stands

    both banners are beauty on its own, the Banner X are collapsible but retractable banners are safe for the collapse. people prefer retractable banner more than any other banner due to its multiple benefits.

  3. Banner Stands NJ

    Yup, every banner stands have its own benefits and demerits but the retractable banner is the king of all banner stands this is why I always pick retractable banner stand for my display.

  4. Yellow Cat Media

    I agree the demerits you mention for the retractable banner stands but there are custom sizes available in the market and event management companies can arrange almost any size of the stand. I'm just sharing my personal experience.

  5. Angela Waterford

    One of my batchmate's projects is to participate in a trade show to showcase his latest robot prototype to pass his project. It's good to know that he can get a banner stand that is easy to set up so he can advertise the features of his prototype in style. I think I'll help him pass his class by finding a company to make one for him since he said that he'll treat me to lunch if I help him with this.

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