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Affordable Portrait Printing Using Styrene

Technology has ruled out many old school methods that we used to print digital media into a tangible form. You must remember the time when photo paper was the only method of printing portraits which were then coupled with frames to make a memory visible. With the advent of styrene printing, a new cheap solution has been provided to print your portraits at an affordable cost.

Styrene Printing Styrene Printing

Styrene printing involves a special paper which is like thin foam. This print gives the output in the form of styrene signs that are created of a flat plastic that is resistant to water, bumps, drops, and scratches. These signs come in standard shapes and sizes but can be cut according to your personal or business need. The most typical example of styrene printing includes photo frames, outdoor signs, floor stands, restaurant menus, tradeshow displaces, and any place indoor or outdoor. However, for ideal output, the inputs need to be ideal as well. You need to take care of the following things while carrying out styrene printing:


There are two options available for the printer you require. The first one is that you get the services of a professional printing press which is expensive in nature. The other option is the purchase of a high-end printer to carry out styrene printing which is unique in nature and costly as well. Getting a printer at home is a cost-effective solution in the longer run. However, if you don’t have long-term usage, you can outsource the styrene printing job.


This is one of the most important aspects of high-quality printing. If you use a high-end printer but low-quality ink, your print can not bring out the colors you want or the colors may not last for a long time. Also, look out for compatibility of ink and ink cartridges with your current printer or the one you are thinking to buy.


Selection of the correct styrene foam is also critical rather the most important as low-grade styrene foam will make you lose money rather than save it. Selecting the right styrene foam for styrene printing is, therefore, the element that you should focus on the most as that is your final product. The thickness of the foam should be based on your end requirement and the kind of printer at your disposal.


The printer and software setting also have a heavy impact on the output. General settings can be learned quickly but to achieve maximum efficiency, it is important that you have good hands-on printer settings for the kind of result you are looking for.


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