Custom 4th of July Banners - Best DIY Options & Designs

Custom 4th of July Banners - Best Printable Options Online

The 4th of July is one of the best times to gather with friends and family to celebrate the signing of the declaration of independence, remembering the sacrifices of our forefathers. Every year Americans spend millions over the 4th of July weekend on firework displays, backyard-barbecue parties, and festivals throughout the United States. Fireworks are most common on the fourth, with an estimated 14,000 displays throughout the country. In 2016 alone, 24.5 million pounds of explosives were detonated for displays, and we never tire of watching the fireworks with renewed awe. If you’re thinking of throwing a fourth of July party at home, let's show you how to get the best decorations that will show off your patriotic side.

Banners and Decorations

Fourth of July decorations are quite easy to get online and we recommend getting some nice vinyl banners that are popular during the Summer. You can also DIY them if you love a creative session. These decorations can be hung around your house to get you and your loved ones into the holiday spirit.

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How to Make A DIY Banner for the 4th of July

Banners are used for businesses and shops, but they’re also a great way to decorate your house this fourth of July. They are quite easy and affordable to make. You can either DIY this or get an online printing option. But first, let’s show you how to DIY banners; Tools Required

  •    Software
  •    Computer
  •    Grommet Setter and dyes
  •    Rolls
  •    Vinyl
  •    Plotters and printers

You can create banners with either self-adhesive vinyl or digitally printed. You’ll need a good computer and good graphic design software. You can use software packages like LXI Master, Master Plus, CorelDRAW, Edraw or Flexi-Sign will help you create unique designs. You’ll need a plotter or printer like the Vinyl Express Qe6000 which is perfect for precision and media handling. It can print up to 25-foot graphics with no problem. Conversely, if you design with photographic elements and gradient color, you can use a digital printer to print your banner. With printers, you won’t have to bother with weeding as with vinyl graphics. Printers are typically more expensive, but you won’t have to splurge on materials because they image directly to banner rolls which is less costly per linear foot than finished banner blanks. If you’re already familiar with designing with CorelDraw or any other software, then making a banner should be relatively easy and straightforward. But if you’re new to vinyl making, you can use free banner maker tools online to decorate your Fourth of July decorations.

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Burlap Banner

A burlap banner is an easy DIY you can do in minutes; you’ll need the following tools to start;

  •    Burlap roll
  •    Pencil
  •    Sponge brush
  •    Painters tape
  •    Twine
  •    Hot glue gun
  •    Blue ribbon
  •    Red, white and blue acrylic paint
  •    Scissors


  1. Some burlaps can be bought pre-cut at most stores, or you can choose to cut it yourself into any shape you want
  2. Tape 2-3 strips of painter’s tape, separating them by an inch.
  3. Paint between the tapes with red paint and wait for it to dry before peeling off the tape.
  4. On another plain burlap, use blue acrylic paint to cover the entire black space, leave to dry. Use the eraser part of a pencil, dip it into white paint, and stamp polka dots onto the blue flags.
  5. Use hot glue to stick the twine to the back of the flags. You can tie a piece of ribbon in between the flags. Now hang your long banner around your house to show off your patriotic side.
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Happy 4th of July banner

It’s quite easy to get printable banners online, once you’ve got a site to download these pennants, here’s what you’ll need;

  • Scissors or X-Acto
  • Foam tape
  • Ribbon
  • Hole puncher
  • Cardstock

Cut your downloaded printable banners into size, for this example, we downloaded a banner that says, “America the Great”. The banners you’ve printed can be triangular or rectangles, and you’ll need to print them on cardstock so that they are thick. Punch holes on both sides of the banners so that you can pass the ribbon or string through. Now pass the ribbon through, you’ll need about 6.5 ft of ribbon, this gives you more ribbon at both ends to tie to a post or anywhere. For the ribbons, you can pass them through the front or back of the banners, depending on how you want it. For the fun part, you can download printable star embellishments to add to the banner, for a little zhoosh. Cut different sizes of stars and layer the smaller sizes on top of the bigger stars with foam tape and attach to your banner with glue. This gives your banner a little bit of dimension. Add ribbons to the banner, by just tying red and blue banners to the ends of the banner.

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Printable Banners Online

If DIYs and Vinyl machines cost too much or you simply have no time for that, you can use a free printable banner template from websites like Paper trail, to create custom banners for your fourth of July festivities. You can use any of the blank templates, save it to your computer, and use an app like PikMonkey to customize the blank banner in whichever font you want. From there, simply buy your banner, use our load your own artwork tool, and wait for it to come because it's a lot easier than creating your own! We also offer a free design tool, we hope these few tips and tricks are useful for your fourth of July celebrations. Enjoy your holiday with friends and family, in the backyard, or wherever you choose to spend that day, and use the banners you’ve created to show off your patriotism.  


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