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Car Magnets Bring ROI

Magnetic Car Signs
Magnetic Car Signs

Are you a small business owner or have been in the business for some time and are going through some difficult times? Is your business brand awareness low? Is your brand recognition small? Or is your return on investments not what you had anticipated? Car magnets are the solution you need! They offer brand awareness, affordability, increase exposure for your business, can be dispersed very easy, can be used as campaigns or can be included in an ongoing campaign, and best of all they bring a return on investment. Still having doubts? You know those giant four-sided car door magnets that you see on realtor and contractor vehicles that are stuck on the side door of their vehicle? Those are one of the most effective forms of advertisement. Many businesses face the same challenges which are finding ways to advertise your company without having to spend too many dollars. You can literally spend a whole annual budget on just alone on a $500 a month yellow page ad that more than likely no one will ever see. Or you can spend thousands of dollars placing an advertisement in a local newspaper. You might even hire someone to stand on the street corner spinning your sign. Vehicle magnets offer a better and more cost-effective way to advertise and increase your companies’ ROI, with $550 you can get 250 car magnets and increase your business profits.

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Car magnets have become fundraiser favorites for many, so why is that? People don’t want to buy those big chocolate bars or subscribe to a particular magazine, you have already subscribed to your favorite magazines. Vehicle magnets not only increase your business profits, but they also raise team spirit and school spirit. Did you know that $6 is only an optional fundraising price for your vehicle magnets? There are many school and sports teams that sell car magnets for $7 and even $10 each. The individual who purchases your vehicle magnet is not because he or she is getting $6 worth of magnetic substance and ink. They are buying to support your foundation. They are buying your vehicle magnet and are contributing to help you, and in return, you are giving them the car magnet as a gesture of appreciation. Advertising your business can be expensive and time exhausting, but with car magnets, you can get your business message across to larger and bigger crowds at an affordable price. Even though there are many ways that vehicle magnets increase awareness to your business when creating car magnets to boost your ROI, there are three ways that will bring ROI, and here they are:

  • Simplicity is key to designing your vehicle magnets since customers will only glimpse at your information for a few seconds You should ensure your company name, logo, website, phone number and tagline is displayed.
  • Size is also critical in appealing and attracting the attention of individuals. The standard magnet sizes include 12x18”, 12”x24”, and 18”x24”.
  • The material is yet another key component to your car magnets. Choose durable material that is weather resistant so your magnet can outlast inclement weather and seasons.

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