3 Reasons To Choose A Vinyl Banner Over Mesh Banners!!

3 Reasons To Choose A Vinyl Banner Over Mesh Banners!

Why Choose Vinyl Banner Over Mesh Banners 

In the world of marketing and advertising, digital printing has made a name for itself. Signage has proven to be more effective than online marketing ads and social media. Even though advertising on printed signs which might be one of the oldest methods when it comes to communicating a message, it's proven to be tougher than most media techniques today. Banners are one of the most affordable forms that will help you boost your business sales. With so many options in the signage material, how do you know what is the best choice? And how can you choose? Many companies prefer to choose vinyl over mesh banners, why?  Let’s start with what are vinyl banners and why should I display them on my next business ad?

Banners and Printing

Banners are an excellent way to stand out, and you can have them made customized to mount on walls and ceilings if you get them from us. Most often, banners are made from vinyl material and come in different sizes. The thicker the material, the longer they last and are more resistant to wear and tear. Vinyl banner printing can also come in matte and glossy finishes. Did you know that vinyl banners can also be made of mesh material? Mesh banners are ideal for outdoor use and can withstand windy weather conditions after you hang them (see 'How to Hang Your Banner'). Printing banners on vinyl or mesh are seen in many places and areas such as sporting events, and storefronts and can be used for many purposes. Vinyl printing is used to advertise sales, promotions, grand openings, reunions, homecomings, baby showers, and much more.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are used widely by business industries to advertise their products and services. Custom vinyl banners are one of the most flexible, durable, portable, and affordable solutions for display. Vinyl print holds one of the most durable materials and an excellent choice for outdoor display. What makes vinyl banners so attractive? Vinyl banners can withstand harsh weather conditions. When a vinyl print is displayed outdoors, it can quickly get grime and dirt and will require regular washing. If you are looking to advertise, the material you choose will affect the way your print is displayed. Vinyl banners are usually designed with screen printing on a wide printer format which creates a vibrant and colorful vinyl print at an affordable price. Custom vinyl banners are also resistant to fading and your design more detailed giving your banner a more professional look. Check out this post for more reasons why vinyl banners are awesome.

Mesh Banners

So, what are mesh banners? Mesh banners usually come with holes and can be generated into any size. Mesh banners are often seen on large buildings and displayed on fences but are only printed on one side whereas vinyl banners can be printed on both sides. They are also more expensive than vinyl printing banners. As you can see, both vinyl banners and mesh banners are an excellent choice for display, so which will you display at your next tradeshow or exhibition? Vinyl printing is for short usage; portable, durable, can be printed on both sides and an affordable banner that will promote your business products in a professional and attractive manner. Custom Mesh banners hold more durability, are portable displays, can only be printed on one side, and are more expensive than vinyl.

Mesh Banner Printing

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