What Is Sintra Board Used For?

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Sintra Board

Sintra PVC Board

Sintra Board is a registered PVC board that is the industry standard for over two decades. A lightweight material with a low gloss matte finish, it is durable and used for advertising, photo-mounting screen printing, and even outdoor use. It is the sign which other options are compared to, due to its high quality and common use.

The great thing about modern day signage is how many options, materials, and resources are available to consumers and businesses. Sintra signs are as specialized as other signs and can be purchased with the following options:

How thick do you want your sign? Though the thickness of a sign speaks to durability, some prefer a lightweight more movable size. 


sintra signs

Sintra Sign Board

Through board fabrication techniques, Sintra plastic boards can be colored, cut, and shaped into whatever shape will give you the most use. Despite the multiple colors Sintra board can be found in, the starkness and contrast of white Sintra board is still a standout.

Komatex vs Sintra 

Functionally, they are very similar. Both are high end PVC plastic options, but there is a slight difference in how they are made. They also represent different companies/brands and are both registered. Similar to Sintra, they are foam based plastic and very light-weight.

Why Choose Sintra Board

Why Sintra PVC? Polyvinyl chloride, expanded cell is PVC on a homogenous sheet. Sintra pvc sheets sometimes called sentra plastic sheets are dent, cut, scrape resistant which means your sign or board can be used and appear attractive and polished over time and even when exposed to the elements. Sintra board is used for indoor and outdoor use and commonly used in trade show printing, photo booth props, real estate signage and any time he or she has to use their boards over and over again. How long Sintra board lasts against the elements is one of the reasons its so highly used. 

Heat from the weather or a normal indoor environment will not alter your sign, and the board is also chemical resistant. If you are looking to get sintra panel signs printed we can have them printed and shipped overnight with Foam Core Print!





6 comments on “What Is Sintra Board Used For?”

  1. Razr says:

    Where could I get free samples f the thicknesses available?

  2. Shane Green says:

    Hi guys. I’ve resently discovered that this matireal is used in the film industry for model construction. I’m based in North Wales England. So where could I get some samples of it?

  3. It is also great for screen printing, models, displays, exhibit booths, indoor and outdoor signs, and photo mounting.

  4. Ed Cooper says:

    Can Sintra be used in building superstructuresfor big (4′) R/C model boats? Can it be glued with epoxy glues? Painted with epoxy paints? Fastened with small (#1) screws? In other words, can it be used in place of, for example, 3/32″ birch plywood?

    1. Foam Core Print says:


      I don’t see why not, its honestly what its designed for but the material is pretty rugged when you get to the 1/4″ and 1/2″ stuff. This is not what we use the material for but if you’d really like to get as good idea if it will work for your project you could always order small sample pieces and give it a shot. We print direct to the material and can print what ever color you like as well as manufacture specula shapes and drill holes in any size. Here’s a link to the product page, the site is fully automated and will generate all the pricing in real time. You can price out some small sample pieces and you’ll see get wholesale to consumer pricing with no min purchase required. I hope this helps! https://www.foamcoreprint.com/sintra-signs

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