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Choosing the right Canvas for your wallet and desired look

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One may think that choosing a wallet is an easy task, but hold that thought right there! Are you aware of the fact that wallets have become one of the men’s signature items today? Not just that, but they are a stylish fashion item for men in today’s world. Hence, it’s critical that the canvas chosen for the wallet is of high quality so that it is durable and the most convenient as well as unique for your style- within your budget range. There are different types of canvas wallets that you can opt for, namely; blind-fold wallet, tri-fold wallet, vertical wallet, horizontal wallet, sim card holder- to name a few. Canvas wallets come in a variety of different colors and designs, which you can choose from, according to your needs. If you want to stress your appearance, then a bold color wallet is your thing- canvas colors of black, gray, brown, and dark green are a classic option. You can even get a custom made wallet according to your desired needs, by choosing a suitable canvas design which you can get digitized prints on to go with your personality and style. For a more appropriate design, you can pick a picture that defines you and gets it printed on your wallet canvas.

The kinds of canvas that you can choose include:

Gallery Walls

The canvas from Gallery walls will be used to make the wallets. Old canvas from the posters taken off from the walls can be used to make stylish and eye-catching wallets that impress everybody around you.

Gallery Wrap Printing

Gallery wrap printing is the technique in which the canvas is stretched around the sides of the stretch bars like the paintings wrapped around their wooden frames. The canvas is printed upon for the stretch board and then used to make a wallet out of it. These canvases are light in weight and therefore form the best material that can form a wallet that can easily slide in and out of your pocket. The colors on the canvas should be ensured to be waterproof; otherwise, your trouser can get smudged with all the paint coming off of the canvas.

Canvas Foam Board

Canvas Foam boards are just like canvas but lighter in density and not made of cloth like a natural canvas is. They can be printed according to your wish and will and can be folded as well. They are highly durable as compared to paper and more bendable as compared to true gallery wrapped canvas. Choosing this kind will be one of the best solutions in making a wallet at home with a foam board and a simple color printer that can print on form boards. Canvas prints This is one of the most difficult canvas types to carve out a wallet of any kind. Therefore, a used canvas must be checked to see if it can be made into a wallet or not. The canvas print wallet can make a huge impression on your friends and family alike when you flip out the non-traditional wallet.


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