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Dibond Signs

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Dibond is an extremely durable, Indoor and Outdoor Sign Made from Aluminum and Multi Functional

Dibond is actually a brand of metal, and has become so popular that people use it as a classification product like saying “Kleenex” instead of tissue. It’s extreme durability and weather resistance allows it to be used for a variety of things since the 1970’s, including in commercial buildings. Because of this, it’s great for the outdoors because it’ll last, but also has a very distinguished, polished look as an indoor sign to make your branding really POP.

There are a variety of sizes you can get - small, large, and even giant ones. If you are looking for one outdoors to hang above your business, then the bigger is better to make sure people can see your business name.

Dibond is reasonably priced, looks amazing, has a variety of uses, and is extremely durable! These reasons are exactly why they are one of the most popular signs in the world. Coupled with the fact that they can also be two-sided really adds to your ability to market your message or brand. Two sided dibond signs are great for outdoor uses such as real estate, and directions while one sided are great for restrooms or to display menu items.


Are Custom Dibond Signs Right For You & Your Business?

Figuring out if these are right for you is pretty easy - typically the answer is YES because they can be used for such a variety of uses with great outdoor and indoor capabilities and are very affordable.

Since it’s made of aluminum and has plastic lettering or messaging it allows viewers to easily see it anywhere - in rain or shine. The bonded double sheets have a dense core made from plastic which is between the two sheets. Thus the lettering is from the plastic mold, but it looks as if the sign is completely metal since it is compressed onto the plastic, forming an outline in the metal.

Direct Print Process

The direct print process allows permanete UV proteted inks to be printed direclty to the substrate itself for the longest lasting singage posable. For additional UV protection use the coating option. The coating option is a gloss finish that will add to the lifetime of the signage. 

Sizes (in inches)

  • 18w x 12h
  • 24w x 18h
  • 30w x 20h

These are available in both ¼ and ⅛ inch thickness. The recommended size depends on your needs so talk to our representatives online if you’re unsure. Generally outdoor signs should be a little bigger since people will typically be seeing them from further away so the 30x20 is ideal, whereas for indoor you can get the same size if they are put in a big space, but usually the 24x18 is good for important messaging like menus, while 18x12 can be used to label small things like as restroom signs.

What Shapes Can You Use for Your Dibond Signs?

Traditionally, you see most dibond signs as squares, rectangules, or diamonds. However, since we allow full customization you can do any shape you want including contour cuts (to tightly match your sign design/message) or anything else you can think of as long as they make sense with the sign size you ordered!

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