Window Decals vs. Window Clings

One of the areas of printed advertising that improved the most during recent years has been window graphics. More efficient techniques were created, enhancing the quality of the final product.
Both window decals and window clings are among the most accessible resources. They look fantastic and are highly competent to catch everyone’s attention. The only problem is that they look similar, so the line to difference both is thin. Most people cannot conceptualize the many distinctions between these window graphics.
At FoamCorePrint, we want all our customers to know what exactly they have at hand to make their projects a reality.

What are Window Decals? 

custom window decal

custom window decal

We must begin with the window stickers, which are the most popular type of window graphics out there. In simple terms, these are adhesives graphics, glued directly to the glass and other similar surfaces.
Also known as window stickers, these are high-quality materials with excellent printing that are installed either inside or outside, depending on the client’s preferences. Either way, window decals are entirely resistant to water and direct sunlight.
Most of the time, the main worry is the residue left by window decals when removed. Truth be told, only companies that work with low-quality materials suffer from this. At FoamCorePrint, we use the best materials in town, so no adhesive elements remain on the glass after the removal.
Before talking about window clings, it’s necessary to mention that there are two predominant types of window decals: clear window graphics and custom vinyl stickers.
Clear window graphics is a large sticker with the graphics printed on a background, which is usually transparent. On the other hand, custom vinyl stickers have no background, enjoying a more impressive, high-end appearance with eye-catching detailing.

What are Window Clings?

Clear Window Cling

Clear Window Cling

While they seem alike, window clings are very different from the window stickers we addressed before. A clear window cling is a high-quality printed material that doesn’t use adhesive to stay adhered to the glass. Instead, window clings use static electricity.
Window clings are cut exactly according to the shape of the printed advertising and are installed in seconds, without the hassle of the adhesive. Because of this, they can be removed and installed again for an infinite number of times. The removal, as expected, is even cleaner in comparison with custom vinyl stickers, which leave minimum residue in some rare cases.

The Bottom Line

Now you know both window graphics, you can make a smarter, well-informed decision. At FoamCorePrint, we don’t go exclusively with either, because both are excellent and provide superb results.
It is fair to say that window clings have a small advantage over window stickers: the former can be removed and installed multiple times without any issue. This is important for clients on the run or having ongoing adjustments in their strategies.
Of course, this is not always good. Because window clings are easy to remove, they can be victims of vandalism. Nevertheless, FoamCorePrint invites you to include these fantastic resources in your campaign.


4 comments on “Window Decals vs. Window Clings”

  1. Max Jones says:

    I’m glad that you pointed out that the only time people suffer from window residue from decals is when they use low quality materials. I’ve been looking to get a state decal for my car, so I think that making sure I’m getting something that is high quality is going to be the best option to reduce residue. Hopefully I can find some good quality state decal stickers, and not have to worry about the residue problems! Thanks for the info!

  2. David says:

    What about installation? Window decals go up with a soap/water mix and if saturated enough you can maneuver them very easily. Once a decal is up its up, even if its not positioned right. Plus decals tend to stretch during instillation making ot almost impossible to install 100% to size. I personally recommend clings over decals any day.

  3. Carl Smith says:

    Thanks for differentiating the difference between window decals over clings. Knowing which is which will help you make an informed decision when purchasing one.

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