The Ultimate Guide To Sintra Printing

The Ultimate Guide To Sintra Printing

Sintra signs, Sintra board, and Sintra printing is one of the many printing signs or boards of the foam board family and is not as common as foam board, foam core, Gatorboard, Coroplast, Dibond, etc. Here’s a guide of what Sintra is all about – straight from….

Introduction To Sintra

Sintra PVC Board

Sintra PVC Board

What is the difference between foam board printing and Sintra printing? Many businesses have a hard time deciding between the foam board prints and Sintra prints. If you can’t decide, I will explain. Foam boards are thin and light and hold the foam in the middle of the board. Sintra board are also light and thin but hold a superior PVC in the middle.

If you are looking for a short-term, affordable indoor sign, then go with foam board. If you want a sign that is weather resistant and long-lasting, opt for Sintra board. What is Sintra? Sintra is an extended PVC board material and is a combination of poster board and PVC. Sintra boards are a hard and firm material. What makes Sintra signs different from other signage? Sintra boards are thermoplastic, which means they can be bent with heat intro any shape you desire, once they are cooled, they remain in the shape you wanted. What are some of its features? Sintra is lightweight, durable, rigid and comes in different sizes that include 3mm-6mm in thickness. Sintra printing is an excellent high-class material that will not scratch or dent and holds a glossy finish.

Applications Of Sintra 

How is Sintra used? And where can I find it? Sintra is also very versatile and works great for printing signage to display images and messages. Sintra is also an affordable material that is used for mounting, framing, and for indoor and outdoor signage.  Sintra signs come in various colors, but the most common are white and black. The best places to find Sintra boards would be in places where they sell signage or stores that customize printing signs. Printing on Sintra boards make impressive yard signs, pop up prints, real estate signage, and promotional displays. Are there some drawbacks to Sintra material? Just like most materials, there are good and bad features. Even though Sintra is a pretty tough material, has great flexibility and will last a long time if cared for properly, there are just a couple of things you should be aware of when working with Sintra. Sintra boards can be cut to form any shape you like, except a round shape. You will not get a perfect circular shape with Sintra. Also, if you are using a thicker Sintra board and plan to shape and cut it, it’s suggested to do it outdoors, since cutting thick Sintra material causes fumes that could be toxic. Lastly, even though Sintra boards are strong and rigid, they can shatter, so treat them with care.

Sintra Options And Creations

What are my printing options on Sintra board? Sintra signs are endless and are used in various ways such as advertising, prototypes, and decoration. To cut and shape Sintra boards you will need some tools. Sintra is much like cutting wood and depending on the thickness of the board you might need a cutting knife, heat gun band saw, router, scalpel, and straight edge for longer cuts.


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