Gatorboard Vs Sintra PVC Board

Gatorboard Vs Sintra PVC Board

There are three materials commonly used to mount graphics, and these include foam core printing, gator board printing, and PVC sign printing, which is often referred to as Sintra. There are plenty of other types of materials that are used, yes, but these three are the most common. A lot of retailers make use of foam core because it’s inexpensive and easy to manipulate into any shape size and cut you can imagine. However, foamboard warps can crease and damaged quickly. The latter two being the more durable and sustainable options. So, we’ll discuss these two.

Gatorboard Printing

Gator Board Printing

Gator Board Printing

Gatorboard is the step above foamboard. Gator board more rigid, and the coating makes it moisture resistant. It’s not acid-free, however, so it needs to be handled with care if it is being used for permanent use. It is a rigid foam center that is encased in wood fiber veneer. Gatorboard’s exterior surface is much harder and is highly resistant to warping. It is more expensive than the likes of foam core, but this is because it lasts far longer.
Resistant to chips and dents, it is not recommended that you hand cut this. For basic shape cutting, a hand jig saw should be used, and for more fancy shapes or cuts a power tool should be utilized.



 Sintra Board Printing

Sintra PVC is rigid, yet lightweight, board made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and has a low gloss, matte finish to it. It can be formed into shapes easily and is superior in its ability to resist dents and scratches. Sintra PVC Board can bend without breaking, which means it’s going to stand up to shipping, as well as use for a long time. If you were to try to bend foam core, it would snap! It’s ideal for trade shows and big events.

What makes Sintra so unique?

Durable, rigid, and lightweight
Easily formed into any shape
Chemical resistant and heat formable
Scratch and dent resistant
Available in Special cuts and custom colors

What can Sintra be used for?

  • Framing – whether for a long-term application or archival.
  • Signage – whether for standard term request for exterior or interior use.
  • Exhibits – perfect for medium-term application.
  • Kiosks – ideal for medium-term application.
  • Point of Sale Displays – ideal for medium-term use.

Sintra can be cold mounted, vinyl can be repositioned, it’s ideal for direct digital printing and screen printing, and it can be painted on directly, too. Additionally, it can be cut with a knife, saw, or router.

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