Photo Mounting On Gator Board?

gator-board-printingPhoto mounting used to include a long process and wooden frames. As high quality frames were heavy and expensive, paying a professional to mount and print your design was time consuming and is now considered a less modern practice.

If you want a cutting edge, clean, modern, simple look to exhibit your work or artwork, and photos you appreciate, Gator Board mounting is a great alternative. The more it is used, the more commonly accepted its appearance is. You will find this sort of mounting at trade shows, future construction reveals, in homes, and at art shows, businesses, or kiosks.


Stronger and more stiff than foam board, Gator Board can even come with adhesive siding for mounting. While some choose to mount on gator board themselves, the preferred option is to have a professional printer, like us, create a polished end product which will add shine and showcase the image or advertisement in a


While not a preference for storing work, Gator Board Photo Mounting is best as a display which incorporates clean lines and highlights the work more than needing an accompanying frame.

 gatorboard photosThe best thing about Gator Boards for displaying photos, artwork, or designs are how quickly the turn around from design to finished product are. It’s important to use high quality images or graphics, to guarantee an attractive final product. With the omission of traditional frame based photo mounting, Gator Board allows home and business owners to create new, exciting looks for their space. Not only is it a new preference by many, it can also be upgraded or changed seasonally, since it is cost effective and still visually stunning. Contact us today for any gator board photo mounting you may need. We can print and ship in 24 hours of order.


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