How to Hang Your Banner | Tips and Tricks For Both Inside & Outside

Banners are not new in advertising. If you’ve got one, you’re probably thinking ‘how hard can it be?’ Unfortunately, many customers actually ask us how to hang them, so we decided to have a quick guide – courtesy of yours truly at

We’ve all seen those banners partly hanging, or looking sad, tired, and frayed. But that doesn’t need to be your banner. Use this handy guide to make sure you’re making the most of your banner, and hanging it in the most effective manner.

How to Hang Your Banner

Before you break out your tools, decide where you’ll be hanging your banner. Displaying a banner outside can be an entirely different matter from displaying it inside. You’ll need to consider factors that can wear and obscure your banner.

Naturally, outdoor hanging provides a lot more of these potential issues. Correspondingly, there are more outdoor hanging choices and more durable fixtures.

Hanging Banners On The Wall, Insisde

If you’re planning on hanging your banner on a flat surface like a wall, your job is pretty easy. You don’t have to worry about specially setting up anchors and fixtures that can withstand weathering. On the other hand, you also need to use more interior friendly hanging methods. These will all work whether you have vinyl banners or mesh banners.

Velcro Strips

Adhesive velcro strips are a popular solution because of their ease of use and because they leave no damage once removed. Measure the banner and area you plan to hang it, marking lightly where the strips are to be placed. This makes it ideal for inside and on the wall.

Then simply remove the thin paper covering on the back of the strips and apply to the surface. Repeat this process on the back of your banner, and you’re ready to put your banner up.

Suction Cups

Suction cups are ideal for indoor banner hanging when you plan on putting your banner on a smooth surface, and when your banner is fairly lightweight.  Like velco strips, they are also great to to hang your banners on walls and other flat surfaces.

The suction cups should come with hooks which can be attached to the suction cup itself and then placed through the banner grommets.

For More Permanent inside Hanging

If you want your banner to be a long-term fixture inside, you’ll want to use more permanent means to secure it. You need to screw in places for the corners and use hanging hooks to keep your banner up.

Using heavier, more durable cables keeps the banner securely in position. Before breaking out any tools, make sure to measure carefully to ensure you’re not leaving messy extra holes that will distract from your banner.

If you don’t plan on having your banner as a hanging fixture, banner stands are a good solution. Because it’s indoors you won’t have to worry about weathering affecting the banner or stand’s position or condition.

Hanging Your Banner Outside

When you’re hanging your outside you have near endless options. In return, you also have some extra concerns like weathering, fixture durability, and optimal display. Depending on where you plan to hang your banner (and on what plan to anchor it to), you have a plethora of hanging choices.

Zip Ties

If your banner has grommets (and many do) this is a simple way to hang your banner, no tools needed. You can use zip ties to affix your banner to even very thin structures such as a metal fence. Zip ties hold up well in the outdoors and they’re as easy to remove as a simple snip.

Bungee Cords

This is a common choice when hanging banners outside. All you need to do is put the hook from one end of the bungee cord through the grommet in the corner of the banner, and put the hook on the other end onto your anchor point.

You can repeat this process for only the top two corners, but for the best display of your banner use all four corners. This ensures your banner isn’t obscured if the wind blows and pushes the bottom of the banner back.


When hanging banners with rope, usually nylon rope is used. This method of banner hanging is more versatile than some others because it can be used whether your banner has grommets or pole pockets, known as pole banners.

If your banner has pole pockets, thread the rope through the pocket at both ends and affix to your chosen anchor.

If your banner does have grommets and you’ll be using a rope to hang it the process is very similar. The exception is that you need to weave the rope through the grommets to even out the tension on your banner and keep it from wrinkling up. Weave the rope through both top and bottom grommets working from left to right.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are an increasingly popular banner display method as they require very little work, and they offer extra versatility. They’re easily reusable even if you change your banner, and they’re designed to display your banner for maximum visibility. Some banner stands are freestanding while others have a pole or stake type fixture on the bottom.

Freestanding fixtures are moved the most easily, but if they don’t have a weighted bottom be sure they aren’t used where they can be blown over by a strong wind.

Banner stands that include a stake on the bottom can’t be placed on hard surfaces like concrete, but they go into the ground without much effort. They’re more stable and permanent than freestanding models, which makes them a good choice if you’re worried about the elements affecting your banner visibility.


When hanging your banner, any of the above methods can be used, depending on your ideal placement. By taking care to use an appropriate hanging method and fixture, you ensure longevity for your banner and increased visibility. Remember, after your hanging method and fixtures, the most important thing you can do is measure accurately and give your banner enough tension to keep it displaying proudly.


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  1. Dennis Sanchez says:

    I like how you mentioned that zip ties are a simple and easy way to hang banners. My wife and I want to hang some banners around our house. This information will help us find the most efficient way to do it.

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    Your post is very informative, this is so helpful blog specially for me actually i have started my business and i found the way to post my offers in such a mannerly way. thanks for sharing

  3. It’s helpful to consider that banner stands could be a versatile option since we could easily change them out throughout the year. We’re trying to think of ways we could put advertising closer to the street so people would notice us. If we installed some poles to display the banners in, then we could give it variety and avoid fading into the background over time.

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