Foam board vs. Gatorboard: What’s Best for You!

What we excel in are consumer friendly and business signage. We can help simplify your display needs by providing inexpensive boards to make displays, signs, and presentations that pop. Whether you’re looking for foam board printing or gator board printing – we can help, because at Foam Core Print, we do both!

If you have to choose between foam core printing and gatorboard printing, how can you decide? There’s a lot of poster board printing, and we’re going to break down the main differences between foam board and gatorboard so that you can decide what product is right for you! First of all, they’re both lightweight options, but there are a few distinct differences.

Foam Board Printing

Printing Directly on Foamboard

Printing Directly on Foamboard

Foam board and foam core are the same product, and they are commonly used in school projects, advertising, and presentations. As the name suggests, the product is made with a lightweight foam core that is sandwiched between white paper.
It weighs around .13lbs per And is ideal for both personal and business use. You can opt for a thicker foam board, but because of its lightweight and cost efficient nature- the foam board is the perfect choice for a single use signage. It’s slightly pliable. However, overbending will cause creasing, or snapping. The larger the pieces of foam board, the more pliable it is; however, larger signs should be handled with care.

Creative uses:

Foam boards are the perfect choice to display products at conventions and tradeshows, or to highlight sales and promotions, or even in window displays. They are also commonly used to provide directions or essential information at conferences or other special events.
If it’s a teacher or student project, a foam board is an incredibly cost efficient option. It’s also an excellent choice for seasonal displays, whether they be for Easter, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
They can be displayed using an adhesive, hung with hooks, string, rope, or zip ties, or propped against a wall or easel. If the foam board is to be pierced, then it’s important to do it carefully to avoid breaking the board. You can opt for us to provide you with the necessary holes for display during production.

Gator Board Printing

Gator Board Printing

Gator Board Printing

Gator board is also referred to as gator foam. It’s a tough board for display that is constructed used rigid foam at the core. The foam is comprised of polystyrene; this provides the frame with stability while remaining lightweight.
Their appearance is similar to a standard foamboard sign, but it has a sturdiness that foamboard displays do not. It’s this quality that is noticeable when hanging and handling signs.
Gator board is designed to be scratch resistant and sturdy, but if too much pressure is applied, it can result in damage. Additionally, it is not waterproof, though it can withstand slight moisture. If you store and handle gatorboard correctly properly, they can last for two years.
Creative uses: gatorboard is the perfect choice for more permanent signage, due to the quality, durability, and stability. Gatorboard is a great option for a catering business or restaurant to create portable signage or menus. It can also be mounted using hooks or screws, and you can opt for grommets when processing the transaction to be completed during the manufacturing process.
Gatorboard is also an excellent alternative if you’re looking to create directional signage or nameplates, without spending money on acrylic or aluminum signage. They’re an affordable, durable option.


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