Printing On Foam Board VS. Gator Board

Foam Board Printing is one of the most popular ways for everyone from CEO’s and executives, business men and women, or students and teachers, to market, promote, or pitch their next big idea, even while attending trade shows and beyond.

What It Is:

foam-board-printingPut simply, foam board printing is the application of printing on a foam board, similar to the type of board you remember using for high school or college presentations. The foam board is just that, a semi gloss exterior with a foam center. You probably encounter more of these printings, in the form of signs, than you realize. Walking into a local business or convention hall, they are often used as name plates to direct foot traffic to the correct business. They can be informative and detailed or a way to get your business’ name into the view of passersby! If you’ve ever driven down a street and seen someone holding and twirling a sign to promote a local business, foam board printing may have been their secret weapon!


Why Print On Foam Board:

Foam Board Printing is a frequently used application to display photos, fonts, trademarks, words, and more. Name your desired images, content, or information and we can create marketable, professional eye candy. Foam Board is lightweight and durable due to its foam core. Images and content printed on a foam board is lasting and resistant to sun exposure and here at Foam Core Print they are easily customized.


Are There Other Options?


gator-board-printingYes! Gator Board Printing is another option. Though Gator Board Printing is the use of a display board which also contains a foam board, the difference is in the strength and durability. Gator board is foam between wood fiber and a melamine veneer. This is a personal choice taking into account your budget and the strength of materials needed for your signage or project. Though they are very similar, the gator board has a far more rigid surface which is superior at resisting moisture. This can be helpful for individuals or businesses looking for more permanent signage. Gator board is also purchased unprinted, as a working surface for builders using stucco or clay. Though gator board is more durable, both signs are roughly the same in weight.


How To Choose Between Gator and Foam Boards:

The following list is helpful when choosing the board type you’ll employ.


Will my sign or printing be exposed to the elements?

Will my sign or project be moved or carried often?


What is my budget for this project?

Generally speaking, for short term presentations, placements, or indoor events, foam board printing is an attractive high quality choice!





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