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Sintra Signs

1/8,  1/4,  1/2


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Sintra Signs are great for presentations, menu boards, in store advertising and any other signage to be displayed on a wall or stand. Commonly used by Realtors for Signage to beautifuly display colorful high resolution photos. These beautiful Sintra Signs come in three popular sizes 1/8,  1/4 and 1/2 inch thickness. The Sintra at is made with lightweight and moisture resistant PVC board, it's ridged material that can be shape-cut with a router into any shape and size desired. Being that Sintra signs are weather resistant, drop resistant, and scratch resistant it makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
Sintra Signs are perfect for Photo quaility graphics making them highly popular with restaurants, and other businesses who want to make a unique custom statment. Need a Custom Sintra Sign? Look no further! Here at we have fully customizable Sintra signs at whole sale costs to consumers. We take pride in bring you the best quaily products at the lowest possable prices, order your Custom Sintra Sign here today!

Sintra board and Sintra board printing have been the go-to for indoor and outdoor advertising for some time now. Its ability to uptake the high-quality UV ink for one, and mainly it's versatility and affordability. These factors have made Sintra board as the most utilized substrate for outdoor usage to date. Sintra printing is an affordable way to get your message across beautifully and way under your budget. If you have more questions about Sintra board and Sintra board printing, please start a Live Chat with a Representative on the site and get the answered today!
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