The Impact of Yard Signs in Political Capaigns

Yard signs have evolved beyond just sitting on lawns. In the past, you may have seen them or used them for rooting for your sports team or the candidate that you’re supporting for office. Now you can see them used beyond these ways, particularly on social media.

Political campaigns still very much utilize yard signs but in new ways. They still encourage their supporters to brandish their signs in their front yards, but they also have incorporated their signs into the social media presence. When supporters get a candidate’s sign, that candidate will now encourage people to post their signs on their social networks with specific tags or captions to grab others’ attention.tons of political signs on a yard

Companies and other services have also seen the value of a good yard sign. While driving around your city, you may have seen many signs advertising personal services, yard sales, and houses for sale. Besides these services, you can now often find yard signs posted on the side of the road from bigger businesses.   

How Political Campaigns Use Yard Signs

Besides encouraging supporters to display campaign signs on their social media, people running for office often use their social media to show their supporters the process. They show supporters how they can get their signs and their other merchandise.

Essential Yard Signs for Social Media Posts for Campaigners

Yard signs and social media marketing mixing means that campaigners have to post specific and targeted posts to get their audience interested in their yard signs. Content is the key component to successful marketing, so there are a few essential posts that campaigners should include for yard signs.

presidential election candidatesThe first post that is ideal to post is the artwork that they’re planning on using for the sign. It shows what’s to come. They also want to show when the signs have arrived. They can do this with a simple picture, or they can do an unboxing video, which is extremely popular on social media at the moment. The last step is telling them that the campaign is now taking orders and showing them how they can order.

There are other ways to incorporate signs and social media. These can include involving their supporters in choosing the artwork for the signs and taking pre-orders. No matter how they decide to do it, they should incorporate social media in some way to be effective.   

How Businesses Use Yard Signs

funny spider yard signBusinesses also can get great use out of yard signs. They’re a great promotional tool and can really be used to boost your business in the following ways:

They Are a Great Way to Promote Seasonal Services

If you’re the owner of a small business that only has services that you offer on a seasonal basis, signs are an effective way to quickly get the word out about that service.

For instance, if your business cuts grass, but you offer leaf removal during the fall, then you can put signs on their lawn after your service is done. This will let others in the neighborhood know of your services.

You can also use these signs to offer discounts for first-time customers. It shows off the work you can do and shows that you have even more to offer.

They Are a Great Way to Reach Your Target Audience

Running a business means that you want to make sure the investment that you put into advertising is getting its returns. You want it to reach your audience. With yard signs, you can design the sign to appeal to your target audience. You also have to be strategic about where you place your signs. Would your audience most likely be in workplaces or neighborhood? You have to think about these things before placing your signs anywhere.

If you run something like a daycare or a roofing business, you would place your signs in neighborhoods that need those services. If you have a digital marketing business, put your signs in front of businesses. To get them exactly where you want them, you can personally see that the signs are placed.

They Are Affordable

Yard signs are an effective marketing tool, but they’re also extremely affordable. Ordering in bulk is also a smart move as printing companies tend to reduce prices for bulk orders. The size that you buy your signs in is also important. Yard signs are often small, but that’s not a bad thing. It means that you have to simplify your message, which can get your message across better.

The Bottom Line

When you need to generate more business or draw people into your campaign, consider investing in some yard signs to connect with customers in a new way. Foam Core Print is a great option for those looking for high-quality signs. We have experience printing a range of signs. Need a yard sign? Order from us today.


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  1. Sariah Meagle says:

    My aunt will be running for a local government position in our city. It was explained here that having yard signs has a great impact on political campaigns because it can encourage supporters to get signs. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professionals when planning to have corrugated yard signs.

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    Hi Colin! I completely agree with you because yard signs do have the potential to influence any political campaign & even can turn the final results greater way…

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    Thanks for posting Sometimes we are confuse that how our message convey to people in such a mannerly way , yes this is a great way to promote seasonal services.

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