Get Ahead Of The Competition With Foam Board Printing!

Get ahead of the competition with Foam board printing


Foam Core Printing

Are you at your wits end? Are you looking for a fast, easy and affordable solution to get ahead of the competition? Well look no further, Foam board printing is the perfect solution! Today one of the most difficult challenges that most businesses are facing in the marketing industry is getting ahead of the competition. With so many options it can be overwhelming for any business owner looking to make a name for himself in this overcrowded business market.

But if I was to ask you, how are businesses marketing their products and services today? What would you say? Most likely your answer would be digital printing. But why? Many businesses have the resources to use more expensive methods to advertise their products. It also seems much simpler to invest a few more dollars in hopes of gaining ROI, makes sense, right? Not necessarily, most of these companies opt for a marketing strategy that will take up the least of their time. They are too busy to invest time in something new and original indeed, and many of these companies fail to realize the impact that straightforward and easy techniques such as printing on Foam Core can have on an audience.

What is Foam core printing and what is it used for? For those who have no clue as to what Foam core printing or printing on Foamboard is, here’s a summary…. Foamboard or Foam core is a light-weight and easy to cut and shape material and is one of the most resourceful and reasonably priced signage options. Printing on Foamboard is used for photo prints, mounting, and painting. Today, Foam core printing is one of the most popular materials for small businesses. Many industries have found that printing on Foamboard is one of the best ways to advertise and attract an audience at an inexpensive price. Foam core printing is used for scale models as a physical demonstration of structure and can be used to create and build arts and crafts, dioramas, picture mounting, presentations, and more. Printing on Foamboard is the #1 choice for small businesses, especially when they are promoting new products or services. You might see a Foam core printing signage at your next meeting to show in what room the conference will be held. In tradeshows and exhibitions, Foam core printing signage’s are used to promote and showcase their latest products. Printing on Foam boards also maintains the versatility of being used temporarily or for long-term.

What can you print on Foam board? Foam core printing involves printing directly onto the foam board with no pasting required. You can literally print just about anything; the sky is the limit! You can upload photos, images, designs, and text to have it printed onto a Foam board.

What about printing sizes? Is there just one size or are there other options? And what are they? Printing on Foam boards can be accomplished in many sizes to fit any task. The varied sizes range from 6” to 48” in width and from 6” to 96” in length. There are also various printing options that you can choose from, but the most common are the following:

  • Two-sided Foam core printing is ideal when looking to display multiple messages about your products and services when hanging your signage from ceiling tiles. Having Foam board printing signage is perfect for presentations because you can quickly flip the board to show other information.
  • Printing on foam board lamination is a fantastic way to extend you foam board life expectancy. If you are looking to use your Foam core printing sign for an extended period, lamination will do the trick.
  • Heavy duty Foam core printing can be accomplished by upgrading your Foam material from 3/16” to ½.” By upgrading, your board will last longer and is less likely to bend, crack or fade.

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