Print Brokers, Trade Printers and How to Use Them Today!

Print Brokers, Trade Printers and How to Use Them Today!

When businesses are looking for the best and most affordable printing company, they compare prices and tend to use the lowest priced company. Individuals will usually opt for the printing company that has been recommended by an associate or one that is closest to their office. The dilemma is that these people only compare prices from very few print suppliers they know. On the other hand, print brokers find out more printers with a more wider range of solutions. For example, these print brokers can be found all around the world, and many of these are trade printers which may have better prices and offers than you could discover. Printing presses have many sizes and prints that you can choose, from small to huge print. Print brokers have knowledge of the good and the bad that comes with different printing equipment and technology and who uses it. Ultimately, who has the best prices is the printing company with the most efficiency, paper, and ink.

Free Resale Printing Program

Free Resale Printing Program

Print Brokers Today

So, what are print brokers and how are they used today? In the large format printing industry, the print brokerage has been around for lots of years providing the best prices offered on printing amenities. Print brokers are individuals who sell printing services to someone that have been purchased from someone else. Buying from a wholesale printer, the brokers can then resell the prints they received at a retail price point! They are ultimately not the manufacturer’s or producer of the goods being sold. They would manage their own relationship with the client and utilize a white label or drop shipping program with their master printer. Using a drop ship program will make it appear that in fact, they are the manufacturer of the goods they can maintain their active business relationship with the client. Brokers help you to seek and find the best prices for product cost. But there is more to print brokers. If you hire the services of a print brokerage company you, the customer does not have to search for commercial printers to get help with other printing orders. Print brokers can usually complete any printing project you require, or they will find one that can. A print brokerage company will also contract out the printing job, so the customer does not need to worry about a thing. Once the client places an order, print brokers take care of the rest. Print brokerage companies are fully equipped with the best software and equipment to meet any printing project demand. Print brokers can also complete any printing job in the fastest and most affordable price than most printing companies.

Trade Printers Today

Print Reseller Program

Free Print Reseller Program

So, what do trade printers do for us, the customers? And how do they benefit businesses and individuals that need printing resources? Trade printers are those who can steer you to the best printing company. Trade printers provide print resources to resellers at wholesale prices. But these resellers must be related to printing industry or work in the printing trade. Potential customers of trade printers include print brokers, advertising firms, photocopy shops, ad agencies, just to name a few. Some of the tasks that trade printers perform include providing wholesale printing to resellers who then sell to the primary customer. The trade printer protects the reseller by having no contact with the actual customer unless the reseller allows it. Commercial printing companies will usually request trade printer services when they are overflowing with printing work. Best of all trade printers help businesses and individuals save money and time on business marketing prints. With Overnight printing an24-hourr turn around on orders, you can be sure that your high-quality prints will be ready on time and under budget! More questions about Print brokerages or how to become a print broker, please start a Live Chat online at and get the answers today!


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