Custom Window Decals vs. Window Clings


  1. Max Jones

    I'm glad that you pointed out that the only time people suffer from window residue from decals is when they use low quality materials. I've been looking to get a state decal for my car, so I think that making sure I'm getting something that is high quality is going to be the best option to reduce residue. Hopefully I can find some good quality state decal stickers, and not have to worry about the residue problems! Thanks for the info!

  2. David

    What about installation? Window decals go up with a soap/water mix and if saturated enough you can maneuver them very easily. Once a decal is up its up, even if its not positioned right. Plus decals tend to stretch during instillation making ot almost impossible to install 100% to size. I personally recommend clings over decals any day.

  3. Carl Smith

    Thanks for differentiating the difference between window decals over clings. Knowing which is which will help you make an informed decision when purchasing one.

  4. Kathryn Pell

    I’m making a office directory on a sheet of glass and I’m not sure if clings or decals will hold up better. It appears some lettering has pulled away from my previous lettering, but I can’t remember which material was used. Suggestions??

    • Foam Core Print

      Kathrine I would suggest a window decal because a window cling is removable. If you like the decals to be semi permeant you should for sure go with a custom decal.Use this link to find our high adhesive decals Let us know if you have any other questions at all!

  5. marco

    I guess their is a lot of factors to consider here: Duration of the stickers Budget of the client We may give the best and performing stickers, but do clients can afford it? Between window decal and window clings, our clients would always prefer decal as they are removable, given their are China brands floating ever in the sticker niche. Clings are ok too but given we have limited distribution of it in our area, clients would opt in for window decals anytime of the day

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