Floor Decals Most Common Uses

floor decals

Floor Graphics

Floor decal most common uses 

In today’s world, you can see floor decals almost everywhere since they are efficient advertising. They are made in various custom graphics to portray whatever message in intended for the person walking over and around these floor graphics. Adhesive floor stickers which can be printed according to the custom design is used and pasted on the floor. These floor stickers are water and dust proof and can be pasted on the floor for a long duration of time without much maintenance except general cleaning. They have become a necessary commodity in a lot of spaces especially in the indoor category but can be used outside as well where the floor material allows decals to be installed on it.

Some of the places you get to encounter floor graphics are warehouse, schools, offices, malls and garages. Some of the most common uses of floor stickers include:

Advertisement in malls

They are primarily used for promotion and advertisement in almost all the shopping malls around the country. They propagate a sale or an offer that is current going on. It also advertises the launch of new products or the directions towards a specific shop.

Signs for directions

Floor stickers are also used on any floor (mainly indoor) to mark directions. These directions can include common direction or specific directions in case of an emergency. These signs can be used in malls, school, warehouses and various other locations or businesses.

Special promotions

Floor graphics portraying special promotions are not only the derogative of malls but can be used in many other places like a church or mosque. They can display timings and venues of different events that are about to be held in the future.

Warehouse settings

Warehouses and manufacturing areas are usually very busy environments with many moving parts and due to the machinery and operations can be dangerous situations.  Some may also have forklifts, chemicals, and hazardous materials.  The employees usually wear protective clothing and are regularly trained in health and safety practices.  Floor stickers are very useful in such an environment to promote safety and remind people of their responsibilities when operating in a given area.

Parking signs

Indoor parking spaces use floor decals to (or “intending to”) guiding the cars to and from the parking spaces. They also mark one way and directions for the car to use. They are cheaper and low maintenance as compared to the erected signboards in parking lots.

Restricted area signage

In hospitals, factories or any large space, there are varieties of areas that are restricted to the common public. These floor decals are commonly used to mark the restricted areas, so it is conveniently announced to all the people about the restriction in this field.

Garage floors

Garage floors where maintenance is being carried out also require precise instructions to be displayed all the time. Since the walls are far away, these instructions are installed on the floor using floor decals. Many safety precautions or instructions for wearing specific gear when entering the area or marking of individual departments is done by adhesive floor decals.


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