Best Uses For Foam Board Printing

Most everyone has heard of Foam Board Printing, has used it, and sees it on a daily basis. Here at Foam Core Print we believe it is hands down the most cost-efficient and user-friendly type of signage and printing available. While other methods and types of printing can require research and study, foam board is a reliable method which should be explored first. Indeed, considering Foam Board Prints are the starting point for any project.


Printing on Foam board

Printing on Foam Board

Used both indoors and out, Foam Core Signs boast a smooth, lightweight surface which is laminated for resilience and shine. Foam core board comes standard with a high gloss finish and is offered in three common sizes 1/8″ which is great framing, 3/16″ and 1/2″ for maximum depth!  


Foam Board is a popular option for:

-College and Graduate Projects
-Informative Displays
-Trade Show Advertising
-Promotional Events
-POP Signage
-Display Systems
…and more

Foamboard printing

Foamboard printing


There are few contraindications when it comes to using Foam Board. The only time people opt for other options is to increase durability and quality. For more resilient choices, it is worth a look through a comparison of other printing options on our site.


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