Why Choose Foam Board for Your Project?

Foamboard printing

Foamboard printing

Choosing foam board printing (also known as foam core board) is a high quality, yet economical and efficient choice for your printing projects. It is the most preferred choice for mounting prints, artwork, and photographs as well as being the backing found in picture frames.

Printing on foam board allows you to mount your images on sturdy, museum-quality material. The final product is highly resistant to damage such as denting of crushing. The choice of board thickness typically range from 1/8″ to 3/16″, but 1/2″ options or greater are available as necessary for larger displays, depending on the service provider.

Foam board is made of 3 layers of lightweight yet sturdy materials that are easily cut and folded to be formed into practically any shape. The inner layer is composed of resilient polyurethane foam or polystyrene, and the outer two layers are formed of either a white clay coated paper, natural brown Kraft paper or cotton archival paper. The surface of regular foam board is slightly acidic like most other types of paper. However, archival paper types (neutral, acid-free) are also available which have been buffeted by an alkali reserve. These are a preferable choice for most modern printing projects because of the level of permanence in the imaging.

Poster Board Printing

Poster Board Printing

When you choose poster board printing using foam core, you are ensuring that you will have a streamlined, vibrant display for your photos or artwork. The colors of the image stay vibrant much longer when mounted on foam core because, during the laminate process, foam core printing creates a moisture barrier that is crucial in preventing bowing and warping – the two fundamental problems arising during other mounting procedures1.

Foam board printing is highly preferable over other mounting or framing options, which are not only more expensive but provide lower quality material and image quality. Almost any size you could require is easily available for mounting your images using foam board and can be ordered online with ease.

Besides image mounting, foam core printing is often used to in the creation of architectural models, prototypes of small objects, and patterns for casting. Foam core is often used by professionals to create scale model displays and dioramas of the scenery for video games.

As a result of its image quality, sturdiness, reliability, and inexpensive cost, foam board (aka foam core) printing is undeniably the best choice to use for your project.


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  1. Gabrielle K. says:

    The best part I like about using thick-backed printable medium like foam board, I don’t need an additional frame to mount it- it usually looks good just as it is! If you d use a frame, an acrylic frame usually works best.

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