What Are Coroplast Signs?

Why Coroplast:

coroplast signsAt FoamCorePrint we noticed Coroplast is the sign opted for by realtors, politicians, and more. If you’ve driven through your community on any given weekend, chances are you’ve seen Coroplast signs without knowing their name. Coroplast is a roadside sign which is light to carry but stays rigid, unless exposed to direct area specific heating. It is also the marketing choice for businesses hiring sign spinners to direct customers with arrows to a business, sale, or closing sale.

What Exactly Is Coroplast?

Coroplast is the easier to pronounce brand name of corrugated plastic. Through die cutting, Coroplast can be shaped into the cut needed to promote your business or venture. Weather-proof, your Coroplast sign will be protected from moisture and water.

Design Options:

Coroplast is commonly designed with your logo, image, or chosen photograph displayed. Imagine an eye catching print advertisement in a magazine. Coroplast lets that level of precision come to life in a simple, durable, affordable sign. A well thought out graphic and lettering creates a customized and eye catching message which is affordable and lasting.


coroplast signAs Coroplast is UV protected most are upported by a structured base, the corrugated Coroplast can be an A farm sign or held with a wire or metal base insert. Other varieties like Air-frame can stand alone without additional base support.

Due to their easy to carry, set up, and store design, Coroplast can be used time and again to advertise and promote your business or idea. Don’t let the affordability fool you, Coroplast withstands the bumps and warping of everyday use. Often clients opt for moderate or smaller sized signs due to their reliability, since large signs are harder to transport without puncture or crushing.


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