Text Riders for Real Estate | Best Signs For SMS Marketing and Lead Capture

If you’re a real estate agent who is always looking for new ways to generate leads and become the top agent in your area, you need to stay on top of current marketing trends. There are a lot of agents who don’t position themselves properly and fall behind in today’s competitive market. Foam Core Print is here to help those agents in need and make sure they are on the cutting edge of marketing techniques.

Beyond handing flyers and using simple social media advertisements, a text rider for your outdoor signage is a great way to generate quick leads. Text riders provide on-demand information to prospective clients and give them an easy way to contact you. You can order them today here.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing, known as short message service marketing, is a new-aged digital technique that utilizes texting. Essentially, you text advertisements instead of email or traditional ads. Text messages have more than a 98% open rate, as opposed to email which you’re lucky to get more than 30% on. It’s convenient, easy to use, and if you’re not using it as a real estate agent you are losing a lot of leads.  Is it a form of mobile marketing.

What are text riders for?

Text riders are placed on top of sale signs outside of your house listing, that provide a call-to-action such as “text here for pricing and details”. This encourages any prospective clients to send a quick text.

They can instantly receive a message detailing all the needed information, without having to set up a sales call or get pamphlets ordered to them. This also gives you, the agent, a number that is more than likely a hot lead. You can also send them in the direction of setting up a proper house viewing.

Text riders make sure that the hottest leads don’t ever have to wait to receive paperwork. You want to close on these people as fast as possible before they start shopping around and second-guessing.

Many of the most aggressive and successful agents in most areas are taking advantage of using text riders as a complementary tool to their realtor marketing mix, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get in on the action.

You want to make sure that you either have an automated messaging setup or you provide a quick follow up within 15 minutes’ max, so clients walking by have the information on demand, and no hot lead sits idle.

Text rider design ideas

There are many ways you can make your text riders stick out on your sales listings. You can get horizontal text message sign riders or have them fitted with smartphone QR codes for the extra tech-savvy consumers.

These rectangle decals are double-sided and printed on .040 aluminum detailing with your personalized cell phone number and QR code.

If you want signs to coincide with your for-sale sign, and pop out large, then you should consider getting a standalone text sign. These signs are 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide, providing enough size to be easily viewable from a passing car. They are usually printed on a strong, corrugated plastic. These can picket on an H stake and will grab the attention of any prospective buyer from the street.

If you want something subtler and easily removable for your listing, you can also consider text rider decals. These decals are printed on weather resistant vinyl with a UV resistant ink. They are 11 inches high and 8 inches wide, slightly larger than a standard sheet of paper.

There’s plenty of different types of text riders you can use to add extra flair to your signage. It’s best to try different combinations to see what clients in your area are best responding to.

Which designs work?

The type of design you want your text rider to be will all depend on the type of property you are selling and your client’s responsiveness to them. If you are selling a property that has little foot traffic, a lot of vehicles coming and going past it, and has a field that is further from the sidewalk, then you are going to have the most success with a standalone sign.

This will ensure that passing traffic will be able to easily read the number and signage, and won’t be distracted while going at higher speeds.

You can use multiple signs in case they miss it the first time. An area that has tons of foot traffic, and is in the suburb, or town community, then an aluminum text rider is probably going to work best for you.

This text rider will attach to your for-sale listings, which are usually planted in front of properties with lawns, or by sidewalks. These will be easily readable by slow-moving traffic, and any passing foot traffic leads.

If you’re in the city, and selling apartments, or commercial property, then a decal text rider is perfect. You won’t see many picket for-sale signs in the city, and a decal with a QR code will pique curiosity amongst prospective leads when they see them attached to the siding of buildings that they wish to know more about.


Text riders are a perfect addition to add to the marketing mix of your real estate management portfolio and do a great job at generating interest and quick leads which you can use your magic to work into a sale.

All text rider designs show to help create success, and depending on your location and convenience you’ll consider using a decal, standalone, or attached design. There’s no better time to get a leg up on the competition, and using text riders are one extra step in putting your name above the rest. Order them today here.


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