Learn When Corrugated Signs Are The Best Choice For Your Job!

Learn When Corrugated Signs Are The Best Choice For Your Job!


Coroplast Signs

What are corrugated signs? What are they made of, and when should I use them? Corrugated signs are also known as Coroplast signs; they are manufactured from a plastic substance that looks much like a plastic cardboard. So, you might be asking yourself, why would I choose a printing material that looks like cheap cardboard? Even though Coroplast signs might be low-priced, does not mean they should look cheap. Customers, onlookers, clients, etc. don’t know what these signs are made of nor do they care. When you see a yard sign printing display, what do you look at? The colors, graphics, and message. You can significantly increase the efficiency of your sign by concentrating on the color scheme and beautiful layout, you could turn that cheap piece of cardboard into a beautiful and attractive Coroplast sign for your business. This corrugated plastic sign is durable, waterproof, portable, and lightweight. Even though corrugated plastic signs can be used indoors and outdoors, they are only meant for short-term when used outdoors and can get damaged by high winds. These signs when used indoors can last for many decades, and when used outdoors they can last up to 2 years.

Corrugated signs hold a hollow-fluted outline which makes is easy to carry and trouble-free to display. Coroplast signs can be customized into yard sign printing, reals estate signs and are an excellent choice for windows, walls, and doors and can also be displayed for interior and exterior use. Coroplast has also become a replacement to Acrylic signs and PVC signs and is usually chosen over poster and foam core board for mounting.

coroplast signs

Yard Sign Printing

So, where can I use Coroplast signs? And why should I use this material? Corrugated plastic signs are indoor and outdoor signs that are usually displayed as yard signs because of its edges. H-steaks can be easily pushed into the grass for the sign as a self-standing corrugated plastic sign for promotional needs such as events, real estate, and service endorsements. This Coroplast material makes it a perfect choice for small and large companies that are looking to find printing signs that are easy to travel with from place to place. They are also used as informational and directional signs, for tradeshows, exhibits, short-term and promoting signs, point-of-purchase sales signs amongst many other applications. Coroplast is an ideal choice of material for exterior use due to its durability to withstand excessive temperatures for short-term periods and is also used by many electoral campaigns and service providers as double-sided turf signs. Corrugated signs are also perfect for interior display and are used in tradeshow events, as window markers, and sponsor corrugated signs on exclusive events. They have also signed solutions as sidewalk signs and presentations that will bring foot traffic to your next event. Next time you are looking for the perfect sign to communicate onlookers of your construction or freelancing services or to announce your business brand, Coroplast signs or Corrugated signs are the best choices for your job if you get them from us.


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    It did catch my attention when you said that corrugated yard signs are perfect for companies that are looking for signs that they can easily bring from one place to another. My son is looking to conduct different seminars as part of his school project. He told me that he needed to have signs that are portable so he could bring it anywhere. I will make sure to share your blog with him.

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