How to Get Good Poster Board Printing Deals

How To Get Good Poster Board Printing Deals 

Poster Board Prints

  Poster Board Prints

There is no doubt that you need effective and reliable advertising prints for your business or project, but the big problem is, most quality prints cost a lot. How do you get the best prints for the best price?

One of the most common and most efficient materials for business and personal printing jobs is a poster board. Posterboards or poster board is a display board used for flat presentations. It is usually a large sheet of cardboard enforced with other types of materials. A poster board is considered one of the most common types of printing material because it’s easy to print on and will work for almost all types of projects.

But large size printing on poster boards may become too expensive to use. And using additional enhancements such as frames and mounts could also add up to your advertising expenses. The best way is to find poster board printing deals for your project.

Look For Specialized Trade Printers

There are a lot of trade printers out there but how do you make sure you are using the services of a specialized trade printer like ours? The key is to find printers that exclusively offer the type of printing you need. Specialization is the key since this way trade printers will be able to offer the best quality service for customers. Check out official reviews and ratings from clients who have recently tried their services.

Choose Reliable Wholesale Printers 

Wholesale printers will take wholesale printing projects for a good price. With wholesale printing, you get discounts and good deals, and of course, your printing job gets done fast. Wholesale printers have the highly specialized equipment, improved printing technologies and efficient staff that will handle any kind of wholesale jobs quickly. Contact wholesale printers for your poster board printing needs and have your project ready as soon as possible.

Get The Best Deals All Year Round

Printing deals are mostly available during special days of the month as well as special occasions. Special events and occasions like Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more. You can also find special discounted deals on prints during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Take note of these special days so you can prepare your poster board printing projects ahead of time.

Posterboard Printing Alternatives

Sometimes it’s good to shop around so you can find a better alternative for expensive printing materials.  Depending on the job at hand, poster board printing could be affordable or outrageously expensive. But why rely on this material alone when you have a few good options:

  • Dibond Prints – this is printing on very high-quality aluminum sheets resulting in stunning and colorful prints that will surely last. This is more preferred by artists, homeowners, and gallery owners because it offers the best striking results.
  • Sintra prints – this is a better type of PVC printing that will last for years. This is the perfect choice for outdoor signage.
  • Foamcore prints – this is quality foam core printing that will yield stunning results; these are ideal for indoor printing.

2 comments on “How to Get Good Poster Board Printing Deals”

  1. Tina Leyba says:

    Personal use for my photography. Simple 8×10 or 11×14 do you do anything like that. Walgreens used to do poster boards. If you know of a company can you let me know… Thank you.

    1. Foam Core Print says:


      This is exactly what we do. We direct print directly onto the substrate at 1000dpi. We offer many types of mediums foam board, gatorboard, PVC or even aluminum prints just to name a few. Here’s a link to the foamboard poster prints, you can use the tool on the page to get pricing for ANY size you like. If you have any other questions please start a live chat on the website and a rep would be glad to help in any way!

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