Get Your Business Noticed With Dibond Signs!

Dibond Signs – Get Your Business Noticed With This Extremely Durable Substrate

Trendy Metal Signage

Trendy Metal Signage

Dibond is quite popular in the advertising industry. It is known for its high quality and varied uses. Dibond refers to aluminum composite that is formed by the combination of two aluminum sheets with a core that is made of solid polyethylene to keep them together. Dibond signs are perfect for businesses and individuals looking to advertise their brand or product to an audience.

Dibond is lightweight and durable making them one of the best printing products in the industry today. They are widely being used for a storefront or building signage signs for offices, property hoardings, direction signs, information signage and much more. This unique aluminum signage can be fixed to walls or posts and can be drilled, nailed or screwed to any surface. The Dibond material does not delaminate since this material has low thermal expansion and is perfect for any mounting solution for different signs. This aluminum signage does not rust or crack easily making them durable.

The Versatility and Stability of Dibond Signs

Dibond signs can be created using straight cut out Dibond sheets or into 3D custom aluminum signs. The polyethylene core is what provides it with a thick base without adding much weight. Even though Dibond signs can be used indoors and outdoors, most companies prefer to use it for outdoor application. It retains its shape and integrity at harsh weather condition as well. However, many people use custom aluminum signs for indoor decoration like adding to the décor or to create a signature look.

Customize your Aluminium Signage to Match your Needs

Custom Aluminum Sign

Custom Aluminum Sign

Aluminum signage can be printed in a variety of different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. While some of the most common forms used are rectangle, squares and straight lines, this Dibond material is flexible enough to be used to create other shapes like curved, rounded or bend it in another custom shape. One can also print logos, photos or other pictures on it as well. Printing on custom aluminum signs can be done on both sides instead of printing them on separate sheets. What sets Dibond from other pure aluminum signage is its smooth finish. Since the enamel is pre-painted on the Dibond, the color does not fade away quickly. They can also be turned into the reflective mirror-like surface that can be used for advertising at night.

For your advertising needs, you can choose from many different finishes which include coil-painted paint, bronzed finish or brushed aluminum finish. For those looking for a modern sign can opt for the brushed aluminum finish as they look premium.  Dibond signs offer much more depth and a finished look than the typical aluminum signage. Chose overnight printing to get them done fast. The Dibond signs are here to stay! The metallic sheen appearance of the Dibond signs makes them an expensive alternative to the basic aluminum signage. With so many advantageous characteristics and the glossy look of the Dibond material, there is no surprise why advertising experts prefer them and are using them in different projects to catch the attention.


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  1. Gloria Durst says:

    I like how you say that aluminum signs are flexible and customizable. It would make sense to find an aluminum sign or plaque for your business if you want it to reflect your logo. In addition to this, you may want to check that the sign company is qualified and well liked by past clients as well.

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